Saturday, October 30, 2010


OK! I should have blogged this trip last month but I was soooo overwhelmed by the amount of pictures I took that I didn't know where to begin. In September Lee and Emily and Emily's sister Mickey and her husband Pete took a trip up the Maine coast, all the way to Prince Edward Island, and invited our family to come along. We left friday morning, Sept. 10 and were back home by Tuesday, Sept. 14. It was a world wind tour but I think I've got it pretty well documented in the following pictures.Well, here goes...
Our first stop was Bath, ME where we stopped to stretch our legs.

Sweet children, they don't realize we're just getting started
I like this picture of the boardwalk Victor took
Fort Edgecomb
This Fort just happens to be up from where we stopped so we had to explore

Mickey and Pete Wilkins
Victor with Emily and Jack

We drove all the way to the border town of Cailus, Me. This is where we stayed the first night. We took this picture the next morning before we crossed the border.
Our first stop after crossing the border into Canada. This is the home of the Reverse Falls.
We got there after the tide came in so we didn't get the full experience. Apparently it is quite a sight to watch all that water come rushing thru.


Need I say more?

Confederate Bridge
This bridge is 13 miles long but still faster than the ferry you used to have to take to get to Prince Edward Island

The reason we made the trip, to see all things Anne. Starting with the resting place of her creator, L.M. Montgomery

How could we come to see all things Anne and stay anywhere else but the Anne Shirley Motel

The house that inspired it all, Green Gables

Had to get a picture of the dress with puffed sleeves (all you Anne enthusiasts will understand)

Heather, Mickey and Emily before taking our fateful trip into the Haunted Wood

Where else could we be but Lover's Lane. I must have been having a good time because this picture was my idea

I couldn't resist this shot especially after reading the following......

They had quotes from L.M.M all around the spot where the house she grew up in used to stand. She loved growing up there and reading her quotes was like hearing Anne speaking.

We couldn't resist the gift shops, Ella was not the only one to get into the spirit

Bosom Buddies

They can totally pull this look off

Kindred Spirits

Sipping some Rasberry Cordial

We stopped in at Avonlea Village for some Rasberry Cordial.

While exploring the island we stopped here for a few pictures.
Not a bad view
Later that night we went to the National Park in Cavendish and enjoyed romping around on the red sand beaches

Cold but still having fun

On our way home we stopped at Hopewell Rocks

These next few pictures are of the Flower Pot rocks before high tide
In a couple of hours the hole we are standing under will be under water.

Cooper, Mason, Victor, Ella, and Heather

You can't come to Maine without going to see Eartha. She resides at the DeLorme Map store in Freeport, ME

The Portland Lighthouse is another must see. You can also see the original lighthouse on the horizon in this picture

I think we're all ready for some rest after our vacation

And last but not least you can't come to Maine without enjoying some Maine "lobsta"

We had a great time. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Van Gieson and Aunt Mickey and Uncle Pete for letting our family tag along.

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  1. Can you believe I have NEVER BEEN THERE! Ugh it is definitely on my list of MUST DO and SOON! Love the pics!