Sunday, November 14, 2010


I love it when my kids are really listening when we read scriptures. It's fun to see where the conversation will go. We have been reading the Book of Mormon Stories for the last few weeks. Friday we read the account of the three Nephites. Ella was very interested in this story. She was trying to wrap her mind around the idea that they are still here today and who they are when Cooper said,
 " what are their names? We could Google 'em."
I got such a kick out of that I had to share.


  1. That still cracks me up! By the way, I looked up the other person who has remained and it's John the apostle. He asked to stay too.

  2. great family photo above and i LOVE this story. also loved reading and seeing pics of your trip to PEI to Anne's home. All the men were such good sports for going along - the pics taken w/ the hat w/ the red braids is priceless!