Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well I've procrastinated long enough. I seem to be easily overwhelmed with the amount of pictures we take. So here is my attempt at documenting the highlights of our trip.

Thanksgiving day at Kelly and Scott's house. Dad is rockin it in a festive apron don't you think? And I think it's safe to say that we have a pretty good looking group of cousins on the end there. They are all growing up way to fast.

Here is our little shout out to Maria who couldn't be there but was on the phone. Sorry you missed it sis!

There really should be a vampire at all family functions. I like how captivated Uncle Christian is by little Mason. Scott and Kelly had a house full. Thanks for letting us come be a part of it guys!

What would a Virginia Thanksgiving in the boonies be without some target practice. Cooper was the first to step up and try it. Dad was there for some instruction and Cherie's coat helped cushion the blow to my arm when I fired. We were aiming for a #10 can which I totally missed.

A little Christmas music to begin the Holiday season. Cooper was a little bummed he did not bring his Trombone but we just didn't have room to pack it.

 Annual making of the gingerbread houses. Mom decided to do it over Thanksgiving so our kids could also participate. Thanks mom, as you can see, the kids loved it.

 The proud architects

Family time!
A couple of the pictures are doubled but they are so cute I'm not going to worry about it.

Welcome to the family! Kaleb Holt Starnes was born the tuesday before Thanksgiving. Thanks for making an early appearance so we could get this adorable shot. Even with his eyes closed he did not like the flash.
Our trip could not be complete without a stop in Maryland to see Victor's Uncle Avery and family. The kids had a great time playing together and look forward to another Nerf battle in the future.
So there it is, our very fun Thanksgiving holiday that went by way to fast!


  1. LOVE seeing the Starnes family!!! Thanks for putting on all the pictures. I'll have to tell my family to all check this out. :) Everyone looks great. I'm really wanting to know who all of the kids belong to. Is Kaleb Aaron's newest? Scott and Kelly's house is so darling. I'm glad that you all were able to get together.

  2. Thanks for posting. I got so busy getting the food out that I didn't think to take very many pictures. We loved having everybody over and hope to do it again soon.