Monday, August 23, 2010


This was a great bike trip. The weather was beautiful and I was not in charge! Victor rode the first day but had to stop because of a bad knee and didn't want to injure it more. I drove up to the campground with the kids and met him there. The campground has a pool and game area so the kids had a blast.

We enjoyed smores that night and then after the kids went to bed we stayed up and watched a meteor shower. Very cool.

Cooper enjoying a delicious pancake breakfast

We left the campground to head up to the Joseph Smith Memorial but first we took Ella and Mason to a fair that was going on in town. Cooper rode with his friend so he missed out on this leg of the trip.

Mason got a little nervous riding the pony but he did great

Maybe it's time to head home

In front of the Joseph Smith Memorial in Sharon, Vermont

We met the bikers at the memorial for a picnic before heading to the river for a swim

Too Cute!!

The river was a little cold in Jack's opinion

Ella is always ready for a picture

Jack and Mason happy to play in the sand

Say hi everyone!

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  1. I love Ella's face! It looks like she's telling everyone to get in the water.