Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ella turns 7!!!

Ella was very lucky this year and got to stretch her birthday into two days. Her birthday fell on a Monday this year so we took her out on Saturday to Joker's (similar to Chucky Cheese) as part of the celebration. Then we took cupcakes in on Monday so she could include everyone in her class.
Mason was in performance mode for all the 1st graders

Ella wanted green frosting with pink dots for her class cupcakes.
I was expecting her to ask me to make something super fancy for her cake but she wanted Death by Chocolate instead. For those of you who have not tried this cake it is basically a trifle with chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, whip cream, and Chocolate covered toffee bits( in this case we substituted Snickers for Miss Ella). I think this may have been the most stress free birthday cake I've made in a while. What a sweet girl she is to consider her mom's sanity.

 Almost forgot to get her picture in front of the Shaw's Hardware sign so we had to make a quick trip before bedtime.
Ella before heading off to school
She doesn't seem very excited about her gifts does she? She also got a new outfit to wear to church which she loved., this is a big deal for me because she rarely likes what I pick out. Ella came into this world like a bullet (literally) and she hasn't slowed down since.


  1. Ah yes like a bullet, indeed! Happy Happy Birthday Miss Ella! And when ARE we going to get together?

  2. Have a great birthday Ella!!! :)