Monday, February 22, 2010

Cooper had a very busy weekend. Saturday he had his final basketball game of the season. I finally brought the camera to snap a few pics of the team in action. Boy was there some action! Cooper played some very impressive defense. He totally shut down the best player on the other team. In the last quarter he got hit in the face with the ball and kept playing with a bloody nose until he fiinally told his coach/dad that he was bleeding! They had to stop the game so they could mop up the floor. It was a real team effort. Way to take one for the team Coop!

To top off his exciting weekend he got to speak in Sacrament. His topic was honesty and he did a great job! He got lots of compliments on his public speaking. His primary teacher said he did a better job than most of the youth that speak. We were very impressed. WICKED GOOD JOB COOPER!!


  1. Way to go Coop! Looks like the bloody nose was worth it:)

  2. After we got home from dance the other night (after Kamber had told Cooper that she listened to his talk) she confessed to something she had done a few days before that she felt guilty about. She said she had thought about Cooper's talk and wanted to be honest. I thought you'd like to hear about that!