Saturday, February 20, 2010

From the mouth of babes

Here are some resent interactions with our kids that we found amusing and one that stopped me in my tracks.

Cooper recently took a tour of our neighbor's house and was very excited to share what he saw with me. He said Gerry had this thing that played really big cd's and you put it on this thing and then put this other thing on top and it would play music. I said "you mean a record player!" and he said "yes that's what he called it"

Ella was telling me the other day that Jack's name is cool because he was named after a soda. I didn't know what she meant so I asked what soda. She said "you know that song where they say I'm going to go drink me some Jack." I'm not sure what song she's talking about but apparently I need to pay more attention to our song selections.

Here's another one from my sweet girl: Sunday morning Ella was being very bossy saying things like, "you cannot wear those shoes" and "who turned this music on? Turn it off right now!" I think you get the picture. I finally asked her why she was being so mean to everyone and with the most innocent expression she looked at me and said "I'm being a mom" Boy did I feel good after that! Needless to say mom is a little more aware of how she's talking to her kids this week.

Not to leave cutie patutie Mason out of the quotable quotes, We went to a baptism last night and after watching them come out of the water Mason looked up at Victor and exclaimed "Dad that was AWESOME!"

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