Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ella's 6th Birthday

Our little princess turned 6 years old on January 31. What a way to start the year! She got to be celebrity for a day when her name appeared on the Shaw's Hardware sign in downtown Sanford. Her dad created lots of little chocolate ballerinas and we decorated her cake with them. When we left for church that morning there were signs up in the front yard wishing her a Happy Birthday. I did not know who had done it until Mason piped up and said that he and his dad had done it. When I told Victor how sweet that was later that day, he told me it wasn't him or Mason but that the Shaw's had done it. We love the Shaw's! We love Mason too, we just need to work on teaching him to not take credit for things he did not do!! We had a fun little party with just our family and some close friends. Ella had a blast and is still enjoying her gifts. This is also her first year in school so of course we had to bring cupcakes to share. FYI, nothing will give you an ego boost like a bunch of little kindergarteners who are excited for sugar. I was told many times that I made the best cupcakes in the whole world. And of course I took full credit, sorry Duncan Hines but I have a reputation to think about..... ok maybe I know where Mason gets his delusions of grandeur from.


  1. Impressive cake Heather, nice chocolate work Vic! Happy late Birthday Ella!!!!!

  2. Do they do the sign for all the kids? Now I'm wondering if I missed a cute picture opportunity for Kamber!